Letters from people with Blood Sugar disorders like Diabetes and Insulemia

People with Blood Sugar Disorders like Diabetes and Insulemia have been RESCUED!

I am writing to tell you that since I have worn the bracelet my condition, which is hypoglycaemia (too much insulin in the blood) has greatly improved. My main problem was that I could not go off to sleep unless I had a heavy meal just before retiring. Now I have no trouble in sleeping and on waking in the morning I do not feel as if I have had a night of starvation. Since wearing the bracelet I have had lighter meals with less starch and I feel better for it.
What gave me the idea of getting the bracelet was after I heard a talk on the radio. A diabetic said that since she had worn the bracelet the amount of insulin she had to have, had been reduced. I thought if it worked the one way round for a diabetic, I hoped it could work the other way for my condition, which is the opposite to a diabetic. I am thankful to say it has.
Yours sincerely,
S. M...... Mount Pleasant.
My son is a diabetic and has in the past been having blackouts very often, at least once per week.
It would seem that since he has been wearing the bracelet, he shows some improvement. He has not fainted once. His sugar seems to have decreased, he had to alter his diet to include more sugar as his tests showed a steady decrease in the sugar. Whereas prior to wearing the bracelet he was not allowed any strenuous sport activity, he now partakes in cross-country running,and walks very long distances, which he could not do before.
He was having to take at least 34 units of insulin in two injections per day. After the end of the first week of wearing the bracelet, he was advised by the specialist to drastically reduce his insulin intake by 12 units daily. He was put on single injections. After the last examination by the specialist he was instructed to reduce the insulin intake by another eight units from 12 units to only four units per day. He seems to have lost the vague expression, absent-mindedness and general symptoms normally associated with diabetes.
To tell the truth, he has not yet informed the specialists of his wearing the bracelet and the purpose for wearing it. He wishes to see whether the sugar stabilises completely before doing so.
There is in my humble opinion no doubt at all that the improvement in the boy's condition is due to wearing the bracelet. Previous to wearing the bracelet he could not stand the hot sun for very long, now it does not bother him at all. The specialist seems to be amazed that his sugar has dropped so low in such a short period.
Yours faithfully,
C.J.......................... Harare
I write to you as a mother of a six year old little girl, who for the past four years has been labelled " seriously ill", due to a gamma globulin deficiency, and in 1981 was hospitalised five times with bronchial pneumonia and bronchial asthma. Since October 1981 all symptoms of chronic asthma and pneumonia have disappeared and the constant use of Cortisone (steroids) no longer exists, all due to her wearing a Rescue bracelet.
I would be happy to give you first hand the full story of my daughter's illness and the eventual relief through the curative powers of this bracelet. With all due respect to modern science and medicine, I have yet to see it work with such rapid, effective and constant results as the bracelet.
As a parent who has spent many sleepless nights and heart - breaking hours with worry, I would like the chance to help others with the same problem if I may. So, should you be interested, I look forward to hearing from you in due course.
Yours sincerely,
D. G. (Mrs)........................... Greendale.