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We have a 6 year old daughter, Malene, with Legg Calve Perthes disease.  She was 3 years old when the disease was diagnosed.
Perthes disease is characterised by loss of circulation to the head of the femur (the ball of the hip) in a growing child resulting in avascular necrosis (death of bone cells in the head of the femur). This is typically followed by revascularisation over a period of 18 to 24 months.  During the period of revascularisation, the bone is soft and liable to fracture under pressure, causing collapse of the head of the femur.  Over time, the head of the femur heals and remodels in the collapsed position, resulting in non-spherical shape.  This leads to stiffness and pain.
Various theories have been advanced regarding the cause of Perthes' disease, but no one knows for sure why there should be a loss of circulation to the head of the femur.  We know that it occurs more frequently in boys than in girls, from age 3 to 8.
There is no cure to the disease - in most cases the child is offered a wheelchair, crutches or a special belt that "locks" the leg in a fixed position.  Medicines are offered to remove the pain.
When Malene was diagnosed, we took advice from parents groups in the USA and UK.  We wanted Malene to function in a normal kindergarten school and have a childhood without using wheelchair, crutches and special belts all the time.
Malene has, since she was 3 years old, trained her musculature by swimming two times a week and horse riding two times a week.  She has been using a Rescue Bracelet for more than two years now, and she takes no medicine, she has no pain in the hip, she uses no crutches or special belts and she only uses the wheelchair to spare the leg on longer walks (3 - 5 km). It is our belief, that the Rescue Bracelet has helped Malene, so she could cope with her training program.  In the hospital the specialist-doctors are astonished at her well-being and the close to normal mobility in her leg/hip.
Best regards
Jesper Alsing
As you can see from Byron's letter enclosed, your Rescue Bracelet you gave him to use as your guinea pig seems to have helped a great deal. The doctor says he was impressed with the progress made. Last week he had the plaster removed and still does not have full use of his arm but the doctor says the stiffness will take time to loosen. Today he even started bowling at cricket again.
Thank you again,
H. R......... Weltevreden Park.
As a scientifically trained engineer I was completely sceptical about the claims made for your bracelets. I was, however, prepared to try anything rather than submit to spending the rest of my life on one leg. I accordingly bought myself a bracelet, put it on and, expecting nothing, forgot it.
About three weeks later, suffering from an impacted toe-nail, I pulled the foot up close under my rather short-sighted left eye to inspect it. In the middle of this inspection I realised that, three weeks previously, this inspection would have been impossible.
I still suffer from pain, especially when I work my legs hard, but I can now climb and descend stairs, or even a ladder, normally, instead of the same foot first. I still have two functioning legs, and I am no longer considering allowing an Orthopod to remove one of them. Other effects I have noticed are:
I now sleep well without drugs instead of suffering insomnia.
Now, for the first time in many years, I am cutting my nails because they are too long, not because they are splitting.
Having odd eyes, one short-sighted and one long-sighted, I have had a seeing problem since school days. Now at the age of 55, I am doing without glasses for the present.
I am controlling my weight with less effort. My body mass seems to have stabilised at a lower level, with the same intake.
Constipation has been a problem since childhood but is no longer.
When I bought the bracelet a previously treated tennis elbow was beginning to re-assert itself, and there were signs that the other elbow was going the same way. All symptoms have disappeared.
At the same time I was suffering stiffness in the fingers, presumably the start of arthritis. All stiffness and pain have disappeared. For some months before I bought the bracelet I had been suffering intermittently from palpitations. This condition is greatly improved although not completely gone.
For the first time in my life I have gone for months without a cold. When I get a cold it is a bad one.
Generally, my whole physical condition and tone have improved. Five years ago I gave up my old-established business, thinking I was at the end of the road. Now I have re-established it and feel I have taken a new lease on life. Maybe I will get my three score years and 10 after all, which I did not expect a year ago. In short, you have a convert.
Yours faithfully,
J. M. R................... Salisbury
During the past six weeks I have worn my Rescue bracelet everyday apart from matches and practices. After undergoing some fairly strenuous fitness sessions I expected to experience stiffness the next day. This, however, was not the case. I have recovered quickly after each session and have not experienced any stiffness at all.
I certainly would recommend this project to sportsmen as I feel it has helped me.
Yours sincerely
R. B.........Beacon Bay.
(International Rugby Player)