Letters from people with Skin disorders like Eczema and Skin Cancer

People with Skin Disorders like Eczema and Skin Cancer have been RESCUED!

When you first offered me your bracelet as a means of curing my eczema I was very dubious.
My hands used to get so bad that I couldn't bend them without a burst of blood. My type of eczema is aggravated by household cleaners, so I was never without sores. My Dermatologist has made a fortune out of me already.
I am very pleased that you gave me your bracelet and within two weeks of wearing it, all my sores disappeared. After a good couple of months of wearing now, I haven't had one single sore again.
This bracelet never leaves my arm.
Yours faithfully,
Miss D. H........... Port Elizabeth
Just thought you would like to know of the reaction Fred has had with his bangle. Three months ago his skin was so very rough from skin cancer, now he is almost as smooth as a baby and a lot of the itching has left.
B. L..........................Umtali