Letters from people with various other health disorders

People with various health disorders have been RESCUED!

For your interest I list below various things that seem to have taken place since I first started wearing the bracelet.
For years my left thumb nail was split and the split has since grown out.
I had a motor car accident some 10 years ago which resulted in my neck continually creaking every time I turned my head to the left or right - there was no pain involved. The creaking has gone.
Since I was a child my two big toes have refused to bend upwards in any way whatsoever and when I joined the RAF as a pilot, this was the only factor on which the medical authorities nearly failed me. Throughout my life these two big toes have given me pain to some extent; dancing was sheer murder, particularly the following day. On the left big toe there was a large swelling which seemed to be comprised of bone. Immediately after putting the bracelet on both feet appeared to tingle and became very tender, particularly in the areas of my big toes. I found that none of my shoes were comfortable and have had to discard and purchase a completely different type of shoe in the last five weeks. The tenderness receded towards the big toes and has now gone completely leaving me with no pain whatsoever. The toes still do not bend upwards but the swelling particularly in the case of the left toe has almost gone.
Some six years ago I had a coronary and since then at least twice a week have had pains in my chest, usually as a result of excessive energy [sic]or excessive smoking. I no longer get these pains - whatsoever.
I have been wearing the bracelet for approximately four months and have not had a cold.
My colleague, D. E. and myself, have decided that whilst wearing these bracelets we will never suffer from constipation.
Yours sincerely,
B. A............ Marlborough.
Having noticed in your pamphlet that you would welcome reports from wearers of your bracelets, here is my reaction .
I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown - having had two over long past years, I knew only too well the dreaded symptoms ......... the awful feeling of one's mind beginning to disintegrate, losing one's grip on life and one's memory; beset with fears etc. etc.
Almost as soon as I put on one of your bracelets I could feel a difference, the frightening symptoms began to fade away and my nerves grew steadier. And now, after wearing the bracelet for seven weeks, I feel a new person, my nerves are steady and I am able to cope with all the worries and problems which keep cropping up.
My son, Bruce, who is an epileptic, had a bracelet from you, and he could feel a faint current going through his body and from then his condition improved...
Yours faithfully
Mrs. T. H..............Marandellas.
I wish to thank you for the bracelet. It is most wonderful! The first day I put it on I could feel the difference to my pain and I have had the most wonderful sleep at nights which I did not have before.
Once again I thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Mrs D.B.....................Randburg